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A Day in a Yellow Beat - Yellow Days [CD]

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On his current musical direction, George explains 'I'm trying to brand my own version of ironic dance music full of depressing truths about feeling distant from your friends, or a sense that nothing is worth anything', in particular he's been diving into the 70's: fusion-era works of Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones, the funkier phases of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, and the keyboard wizardry of Don Blackman and Weldon Irvine. He's been staying up until 5 a.m. watching Soul Train on YouTube, and testing his falsetto. 'A Day in a Yellow Beat' is a real-time culmination of ideas, however wild they may be.

Disc 1
1. Intro - Yellow Days
2. Be Free - Yellow Days
3. Let You Know - Yellow Days
4. (The Outsider) - Yellow Days
5. Who's There? (Feat. Shirley Jones) - Yellow Days
6. Getting Closer - Yellow Days
7. Come Groove (Interlude) - Yellow Days
8. Keep Yourself Alive - Yellow Days
9. Open Your Eyes (Feat. Shirley Jones & Nick Walters) - Yellow Days
10. ! (Feat. Bishop Nehru) - Yellow Days
11. (Pot Party) - Yellow Days
12. Keeps Me Satisfied - Yellow Days
13. You - Yellow Days
14. (What Goes Up Must Come Down) - Yellow Days
15. The Curse (Feat. Mac Demarco) - Yellow Days
16. Let's Be Good to Each Other - Yellow Days
17. Whatever You Wanna Do - Yellow Days
18. Something Special (Interlude) - Yellow Days
19. So Lost - Yellow Days
20. I Don't Mind - Yellow Days
21. (Mature Love) - Yellow Days
22. Treat You Right - Yellow Days
23. Love Is Everywhere - Yellow Days


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