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Feeding Seahorses By Hand - Billie Marten [CD]

Second studio album from the British singer-songwriter. After completing work on her debut album, 'Writing of Blues and Yellows' (2016), Billie completed her secondary school studies, including GCSEs and A-Levels, on top of travelling and creating this follow-up record. It's no surprise that she has maturity beyond her years. 'Feeding Seahorses By Hand' takes a magnifying glass to the outside world, giving a fictional appraisal of Donald Trump from the perspective of his daughter on the saccharine 'Cartoon People', and poking fun at unnamed politicians on 'Betsy'.

Disc 1
1. Cartoon People - Billie Marten (3.33)
2. Mice - Billie Marten (4.04)
3. Betsy - Billie Marten (3.32)
4. Blood Is Blue - Billie Marten (3.13)
5. Blue Sea, Red Sea - Billie Marten (3.53)
6. Vanilla Baby - Billie Marten (4.15)
7. Toulouse - Billie Marten (4.06)
8. She Dances - Billie Marten (4.43)
9. Bad Apple - Billie Marten (4.30)
10. Boxes - Billie Marten (5.11)
11. Anda - Billie Marten (3.43)
12. Fish - Billie Marten (2.26)


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