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Singing to Strangers - Jack Savoretti [VINYL Deluxe Edition]

Sixth studio album by the English singer-songwriter. Savoretti named the album 'Singing to Strangers' because, he said, 'That's my job: I sing to strangers. That's what I've spent most of my life doing. Singing to friends and family and fans; they're already onside, so you can, to some extent sing anything. Strangers need convincing, touching, connection'. This deluxe edition features two bonus tracks and two live tracks.

Disc 1
1. Candlelight - Jack Savoretti
2. Love Is On the Line - Jack Savoretti
3. Dying for Your Love - Jack Savoretti
4. Better Off Without Me - Jack Savoretti
5. What More Can I Do - Jack Savoretti
6. Singing to Strangers (Interlude) - Jack Savoretti
7. Youth and Love - Jack Savoretti
8. Touchy Situation - Jack Savoretti
9. Greatest Mistake - Jack Savoretti
10. Things I Thought I'd Never Do - Jack Savoretti
11. Going Home - Jack Savoretti
12. Symmetry (Bonus Track) - Jack Savoretti
13. Beginning of Us (Bonus Track) - Jack Savoretti
14. Music's Too Sad Without You - Jack Savoretti
15. Vedrai Vedrai/Oblivion - Jack Savoretti


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