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This Land: - Gary Clark Jr. [CD]

We're calling it: In the rock 'n' roll history books, Gary Clark Jr. will have two eras: before 'This Land' and after it. Just get a load of the fire and fury that opens the title track: 'F**k you, I'm America's son/This is where I come from,' he snarls. Clark's rage is partially directed at his racist neighbor in Austin, Texas, who can't seem to accept Clark's sprawling 50-acre ranch, as well as a few experiences from his childhood. 'I had a few situations down there with some racism, and some Confederate flags, and people calling me out of their trucks, all that kind of stuff,' he told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe. 'I had a beat that I laid down but didn't have any lyrics over it and it just came to me. I just went in there and fired off.'

Disc 1
1. This Land - Gary Clark Jr.
2. What About Us - Gary Clark Jr.
3. I Got My Eyes On You (Locked & Loaded) - Gary Clark Jr.
4. I Walk Alone - Gary Clark Jr.
5. Feelin' Like a Million - Gary Clark Jr.
6. Gotta Get Into Something - Gary Clark Jr.
7. Got to Get Up - Gary Clark Jr.
8. Feed the Babies - Gary Clark Jr.
9. Pearl Cadillac - Gary Clark Jr.
10. When I'm Gone - Gary Clark Jr.
11. The Guitar Man - Gary Clark Jr.
12. Low Down Rolling Stone - Gary Clark Jr.
13. The Governor - Gary Clark Jr.
14. Don't Wait Till Tomorrow - Gary Clark Jr.
15. Dirty Dishes Blues - Gary Clark Jr.
16. Highway 71 (Bonus Track) - Gary Clark Jr.
17. Did Dat (Bonus Track) - Gary Clark Jr.


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